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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Why did it happen to me?
Why did I love you when you weren’t actually there for me?
Why did I believe all that you said?
To all the promises that you made

You are with her now
Happier than you were with me somehow
I tries to save the ‘us’ part
But just because of you I fell apart

Why did I trust you when you swore you won’t leave me?
Why did I believe you when you said there won’t be anyone but me?
Why did I cry for you when you cared the least about me
Why didn’t I believe the world when they said you were using me

I can’t hate you…I never did
But you’ve killed me and made yourself a git
It’s hurting to see you move on and torturing to see you not caring at all 

I wish you’d feel the pain I am feeling
I wish you to suffer like I did
Watch me as I rise from my own ashes
I’ll be somewhere you probably never imagined
And I’ll observe you like an eagle observes a rat
Waiting to prey upon that brat

One day you’ll realize what you did
Hurting me was never an intelligent bit
I’ll watch you regretting your decisions
Whereas I’ll be with someone who’d be the best man in the worldly dimensions

I can’t wait to hate you for all that you did
Right now I can’t imagine but it would be soon there...You’d better not wish for it…

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