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Monday, 22 August 2011

Mixed Thougts

                    Some things are so confusing, some people are so different, and some days are so blurry... At this odd time, as I write something I’m not even aware of...I pray it turns out good…
                     So, at one end I have my phone (constant important and unavoidable messages you know.. :P) and on the other I have my books eager to bury me alive in them. As I write this in a cool weather under twinkling night and the moon peeping to see my activities on my laptop, I get a cozy feeling…wondering how many of the others around the half darkened part of the Earth might be staring at the night sky and wondering…what? Some must be with their beloved and wanting this night never to end…Some-alone, wanting to hold someone close…Some-alone yet again...but enjoying their lives...probably returning from a loud woofer-ed party wanting to enjoy till they drop dead(or drunk)…Some with their families..either wanting the night to get over quickly or wanting to enjoy with the people with whom they are blood tied..Or even with friends...making each moment memorable...Some soldier…ready for a war...wondering what his little four year boy must be doing at that very moment..Someone’s old grandma…singing lullaby to her infant grandchild...some scientists...cheering their teammate on a new “starry” discovery..And some…it goes on and on...One night connects us all...Then why are we so self-conceited and different?
                         I wonder what life after death might be. Something like what they showed in the popular cartoon series Tom and Jerry? A set of golden, unending stairs reaching up high in the sky? A platform with a golden train puffing white smokes? A person whose recording each and every action of ours? Sending us to hell or heaven accordingly? And hell? Maybe a demon-ish kind of creature (probably the Satan himself), holding a weapon like a trident spear, boiling some sticky-gross thing in a huge cauldron, asking the caretaker above to send the sinners to him?
                         Someone very dear to me tells me,” Dear. The soul of ours is like a droplet from a huge ocean, huger than the seven oceans of the world combined, deeper than the Mariana Trench… Huger and deeper than anything you can imagine….that ocean is the God..One god He is..Call him Malik, Allah, Ishwar..Anything you like...we are one, yet different. There is a great amount of despair and hopelessness in life because it is when you’re sad, only then do you remember Him.. This is the task of yours, the reason for your being sent as a human on Earth…You have been sent to Earth as a human with a high intelligence level to pray for Him..Sing His praises..To be humble yet keep murmuring His name round the clock and get freed from the circle of births and get united with Him in the great ocean…they say there are as many as 84,00,000 species in which a soul can take birth..There is a reason why you’re called human…”Though nowadays, there is no more a difference between a human and animal, but that depends from person to person and from one’s conscience… It’s all a matter of belief..And I believe in it...
               Okay..Now you’re probably wondering or maybe confused, saying that, “She’s a hermit or a preacher now...” If talking about the One is being called a preacher, I am a preacher then...yes, I believe in that Bright Light that gives me faith, strength to fight every day, the yearn to unite with Him and most importantly, have an unbelievable trust in Him..(Even if I might be going through a rough time)..I do not believe in artis, fasts, jagrans(this is with due respect to all those who believe in it…I do not intend to offend anybody)..I believe in Him, His name, I know that He loves me unconditionally and I need not show my love towards Him by some ritual since my love with Him is something I need not show-off..
                      Sick eh? Maybe I’m crazy after all.. But hey…none’s perfect and if anybody says so, he is fooling around then…
                    I recently saw a movie- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.. How that little  Benjamin grows up, lives his life and dies in a reverse order…It perturbs me..Its a movie only, I know..But still..
                      Mahhhnnn..Why did God make Adam and Eve? And…WHY am I thinking so much? Crackpot? Yeah..Right!

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