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Sunday, 14 August 2011

So..this had been quite a tiring week..

To start with..My dad was seriously ill..It all started with hyper-acedity problems, then high blood pressure, more gastrc problems and weakness. But it was something we all thought would subside..We tried all those grandma's-homemade medicines and those domestic antibiotics...Didn't work..It reached to such an intensity that we had to call my Uncle who is a Head of Surgery Department in King George Medical College at the crack of dawn(to be 4.00 in the morning). It was a pain to see Dad moaning and groaning in pain. Tests advised, medicines prescribed and strict bed rest.

 My brother took my Dad for the tests..We came to know through his ultrasound reports that he had a stone in gall bladder. Cool. I mean..we thought that now a days..stone in gall bladder is not a big issue..It could be operated.. But we had to wait for his gastric problems to subside, which didn't. In fact, he started having high temperature that didn't go down...was always lying on bed in silence and...Oh my God..It was horrible to see him like that...

All of a sudden one day, he started having pain in the right side of his chest. We immidietely took him to the doctor who said that he had water in his lungs and that the stone was stuck in his Common Bile Duct, due to which he had jaundice. I thumped on my chair. Now this was something that blew our minds. Our family members who were out of our city were worried sick. The Doctor advised immediate hospitilization. My brothers and Uncles took him from Sahara to Globe...but shockingly enough...the beds were full!! But few hours later, as my Dad was in the car breathing heavily, we contacted another Doctor who was the best in the problems my Dad had prescribed few and GOOD medicines unlike the doctor we had previously consulted and said that he needn't be admitted in a hospital at dot midnight, there was no such emergency(and trust me guys, it was 12.01 am to be exact) and that the surgery would be an open one three days later..He had to come for some injections and tests though...Dad came home and he slept...for the first time in the last few days...All I could do was to sit at the edge of his bed and pray for his betterment. It had been three days since I'd been absenting myself from the school...How could I attend my classes even when I was aware of the fact that Dad was in Satan's cauldron of troubles and he needed our, my support.

And so...three days later...As I was at home, alone, everyone else was at the hospital when he entered the Opertaion Theatre...God..this thing freaks me out...Due to my constant weakness and low immunity...I've always had the strangest illnesses that no one in my family had ever dreamt of...Which means..that I'd had quite a few rounds to hospitals and O.T.s..and since then..I've always had a kinda phobia from those medicals stuffs-tubes, monitors, wards, veegos, blood, cuts and all that gross. I can see mine..but not others'. So there I was, shaking in fear and fingers-crossed round the clock till mum called four hours later that it was not one stone but two that had blocked his Bile Duct and both the stones were of 10 mm each(quite big). Also..the water that he had in his lungs was not water...but pus that did not allow his reports to be clear(it said:Sludgy). I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked the Guardians of the best man in my life for protecting him. Though mom said that he was unconcious and in pain, still, the problem had surpassed.

I went to see him with my sister in the evening and...I don't know how to express it but in just one word..he was TERRIBLE..Thin in just a weak..quiet in his bed... with all those tubes and stuff..he smiled weakly as he saw me..I kissed his forehead..and sat at the end of his bed, staring at him and wondering which karma was my Dad paying for. Some of his friends had come to see him and they were laughing and trying to lighten the mood of the room. Dad couldn't even laugh. He showed me the huge stitch he had on his stomach and told how he was operated. I couldn't say a word excpet thank God for giving him the strength to face all of this. It reminded me of my several times in O.T.s and I had goosebumps on my hands. He was not allowed even water(just a spoon if need be.. and when we gave him..he yearn for water was so much that..oh well..I can't explain..) Anyways...Dad came home yesterday...Though he's still weak and unable to get up on his least he's back in the safe haven we all call HOME. And he's quite back to his usual self...something I'm proud of!

This was the most major thing that had happened...apart from that...nothing special...Now I'm busy finishing my backlog which had been piling up. My friends- Prateek, Lavanya, Abhilash and Jayant-I'd like to thank them all for their constant support and love. They didn't let me feel alone for once. My extra coachings are fullon and for the first time..I'm paying attention(lets see for how long!). It's been quite long since I did some of my favorite activities like cooking, shopping or maybe just hanging out..Even my Friendship Day was at my Dad's side as I nursed him(a thing I don't regret)...'s like I've done a few things OFF the track..-evil grins- And helping Dad around..Dad said something which brought my head high..He said," Mini? She's been a constant support to daughter and son both!"

I must say...I was shattered to see my father so weak and down..I've always seen him giving orders and helping all kinds of people at the same time..He's so strong and has seen hard times...His lessons are something I continue to learn each adn every day..His values...the times we have..A few months ago, my Dad and I had ego clashes a lot..but now..I'm gld to say that a father-daughter relationship was on mend and both of us were compromising for each other..I love you DAD!!

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