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Monday, 22 August 2011

When I was born
I was separated from my mom
Just because a disease severe yet unknown
They tell me how my mother yearned for me
She cried and wept for me
When I was finally in her arms after a week
She hugged me tight and said,” I’m there for you honey…”
Since the day I gained consciousness
She was with me through all my happiness and sadness
She taught me to walk
Told me secrets that no one would talk
Teaching me values that are precious to me more than a diamond
She clears my mind jumbled
When I’m in a mess and can’t share my feelings
She’d just hold me and say,” I’m there for you darling…”
She’s like a friend of mine
She’s like a goddess divine
And just like any other yes we’d fight
But then we’d apologize and reconcile
Sometimes she’d behave like a toddler
Laughing mad and playing pranks on others
I can’t imagine a day without her
It’s like the sun is shining yet its not warmer
I feel my best when I’m with her
Yes…she’s none other than my lovely mother!!

Love You Ma!!

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