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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

You're the one

You've become an inevitable part of me
You've become a habit to me
Its like I fall in love again and again whenever I see you
Is it just me or have you too felt the same too for me?

Imagine a fish without water
A day without sun
You are my sun and sunshine
The reason why i can call you mine

The day we got together
The angels above smiled while the birds twittered
"Perfect", they whispered...

It isn't easy for me to smile now
But i do so because i promised you anyhow
When we fight it tears me apart
Do you expect me to sit and let us fall apart?

You may not understand your importance in my life
But still I'll tell you yet again and please do not forget the next things
You are the reason why i see the morning each day
The reason why i try to find light and stars in the darkest night dismay
The reason why i smile and wake up are the reason why i forget my tears and smile up

If you ever are hurt by my actions
Please understand that twas never my intention
I must've done it unintentionally
Havin' you in my life was a dream come true beautifully

Shout at me if you want to, but never turn your back to me
Never leave me, never isolate me whatever the reason maybe
I can't express what you are in my life,you are my life now dearly
Just a few lines to express that you are the one only
Its you i can't live without truly
And till the end I'll love you happily...

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