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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

She waits and asks into the night..Where are you?

                      There's so much been happening much..

There's a part of me which wants everything back to it was.. But there's another part..that is roaring to explore new, unconventional adventures of my life..And I choose the latter..
            I want to tell you all a few certain things of my life..Things that have been seen, observed, approved or rejected by me..But then..I can't..Why? Firstly, I’ve learnt so much these past months and one of the lessons was-do not trust people blindly. Why? It wouldn’t take time for them to betray your secrets to someone whom they find better than you.. Secondly... Some things should be kept to oneself..Isn’t it? If there is someone out there for you..He won’t wait for you to speak up..He’ll read it all in your eyes,,, This is particularly for all those girls who are looking out for their man..And this brings me to speak up(or rather write down) all that girls in general feel for their guys..
          Boys and men..Both..the same breed, say the same things,” Girls? They’re complicated! No one can understand them!” Of course girls are complicated..But that’s because each girl, behind her smiling face, has seen a lot, bore a lot for the ones whom she has loved deeply... She’s had more heartbreaks and more tears than boys because she believed deeply in the guy she found, only to be shattered and brought back to reality..She has a lot of responsibility-of her parents, sisters, family and then..In ahead times…future family…Yes..she’s complicated…
           But that’s where her man has to step in..Since she’s seen so much, she expects the guy to hold her gently, as though she’d break, look into her eyes and say determindently,” I’m so sorry you suffered so much…Anything bad that has to happen to you now will have to face me first..”
                 He has to be the one who needs her soul, her and not her kiss her forehead and not her lips..He has to be the one who’ll hold her hands in public rather than her waist…Who helps her come out of her problems and force her to see positivity in life..Who will hold her protectively if something or someone unpleasant is around..Who will fight for her from the whole world…To make her believe in love and trust again (if she’s lost it for that matter)..The one who’ll love her even if she meets an accident, loses her leg or becomes scarred..The one who will keep telling her how beautiful and important she is..How much he loves her..How her voice runs in his veins..How her scent is intoxicating to him..The one who’ll scold her and make her eat her food by his own hands if she doesn’t eat..Cradle her to his chest and give her the love she needs, yearns for…Ease her responsibilities… Respect her parents, their notions and beliefs…Understands and remains loyal to her..Be the one who says “I do” to her…The one who’ll fall deeper for her as she gives life..Who will call out to her in front of her friends and say,” Meet my life! My princess!” She wants her guy to hug her tight when it rains, to give her his time-make her his life, to watch her fall asleep as she cuddles to him, to kiss her eyelids when she’s in deep slumber..To be his need, his want…Is that asking for too much? And when a girl does that, the guy,(who once claimed that he loved her) shrugs off irritably and say,” You’re pressuring me!”..Uh..This was the love you claimed? And then you say that GIRLS are complicated and can’t be comprehended? Duh..
              A girl wants her guy to enter in her life like..I don’t know.. Ummm.. A prince on a white horse? Or for the 21st century, a handsome guy in a shiny silver Volvo? Of course that doesn’t happen..but nevertheless..A guy can enter quietly in her life..Whispering those beautiful words in her ears and actually mean them ..He can hold her possessively in his arms and mumble to her with tears in his eyes,” Where were you?” He can be the one who would stay up the whole night if she doesn’t contact him..That might be too much for one average guy..But if a guy really loves his girl..He’ll do so much more for her..
                A guy..after reading this much may ask,” If I have to do so much for the one whom I love, what will she do for me?” The answer is there when she says a yes to you...She silently gives herself to you..Swears to love you(and when a girl does that, believe me, she might sacrifice herself, even her own love for a guy’s happiness)..She will stay up for you..Keep asking you if you had your food and medicines..Keep asking how and where are you..she’ll grow on your nerves..And..Well..If you are lucky enough to have her..You’ll know the rest..

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