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Monday, 26 December 2011

Gone with the Wind

Scarlet O’Hara, 

You’ve got me hitched to your character.. The way you carried yourself-a true Irish, borne by a true lady and brought up so too (almost like a princess.. Something that you loved)…even if you didn’t want to be ladylike.. You wanted to be free... Your spasms of excitement over gossips that admired and envied you and your stubbornness to have all the beaux of Tara to yourself and bask in their sunlight of fervent praises and nearly worshiping you and their fights for you. You were quite beautiful from what it appears-20 inches of waist, little hands and feet, emerald colored eyes, the right kind of redness on your cheeks and your dimples when you smiled. You wanted the world to revolve around you (and it almost certainly did). Your dresses, your tastes, your passions (one of them being horse-riding) and you loved Tara (your land), even though your realized this years later.. You loved your mother, Ellen O’Hara... For you, she’s the living Virgin Mary... She’s the only one you really love…

So there we see you…Surrounded and having the attention of all the beaux in a barbeque, but not of the one whose you wanted the most-Ashley Wilkes, who was getting married to his cousin Melanie, even though you certainly believed that he loves you..You of course loved him..Or so it is perceived by you and so by us. You planned of inducing him, convincing him and then elopement. But nothing whatsoever like that happened. On the contrary, you confession to Ashley (which was rejected) was overheard by a ‘scallywag’ as you called this man-Rhett Butler; you eavesdropped in a room and heard unpleasant gossips about you and you get so indignant that you decide dully to avenge whatever was happening to you by agreeing to marry Charlie-a person who was more or less a boy with little brown eyes and nervous and anxious always. Of course, Charlie talks to your father the moment you tell him to do so and your marriage takes place thus.
Life goes on as you try to snatch Ashley from Melanie but all in vain. You find her sweet and caring nature irritating, her concern for you as a sister bothering; you hate everything about her-her activities, her looks and clothes. Also, meanwhile you give birth to you son Wade Hampton. 

Charlie leaves for Civil War and so does Ashley. For sometime life continues (with your complaints still on) but still, you continues and you’re okay until the shells of bombs fall. But when this happens, along with this comes an unpleasant news for you-Melanie was expecting her first baby…You’re shocked and you want to leave.. But you don’t.. Why? Because in a small meeting during the war when Ashley had returned for some time, he bade goodbye to you the last.. You promised him on his request that you would take care of her. Just for his request and the looks in his eyes, you stick to Melanie even when the others leave the town. Melanie is weak and you know nothing about childbirth. Since there is no doctor available, you try to remember how Wade was brought about and so lil Beau comes into existence. Then, by Rhett’s help, you somehow get a carriage and with Melanie, Beau, Prissy and Rhett, you leave for Tara. Rhett leaves you halfway after crossing the worse roads to your indignation because somewhere deep down, you felt safe with him. Before this, Rhett had told you a few things about several issues but when he left you, you were stranded, alone, burdened and hurt. Yet you carried them to Tara where everything is down to ashes. Burnt. But slowly and steadily, through you determination.. You gave back Tara its life.
You had hope... a lot of hope which I personally cannot have, and you succeeded. Your story... Though not as impressive as I thought it to be…but yes... It has something in it that leaves your readers to ponder over you achievements, your failures, your fights and your desires... You tend to lose the people whom you really love..You realize your love for Rhett a little too late... Your dignity is very important to you.. So much so that when you have a miscarriage and you want to see Rhett badly, you don’t call him (though he yearned for your call)... Such things…especially this incident, left me a little disturbed, worried and sad... How you fight through...I don’t know... I just wish I had your strength... Thought your toughness made you very unpopular... But you never cared...

Why were you so unlucky Scarlet despite your efforts? Why did you not realize that money and luxury wasn’t everything? Why didn’t you realize your true love? Why did you lose you beautiful daughter too? And most importantly... Why am I not able to get over your character??


  1. :)
    Gone With the Wind is a book to be savoured and read..maybe that's why I haven't finished it yet :P
    beautifully written!! :)