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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Love and Lord

Strange world... People just need something to talk about.. Any kind of trash will do.. After all they want to seem superior by passing on the most stupid and none-of-your-business kinda talks..Why even bother dude? Live and let live should be the motto... Why so much anger, hatred, vengeance and jealousy? They say this world only exists because of love.. But why isn’t it seen when people actually need it? Why doesn’t it shelter the loveless?

Imagine a street in darkness...lighted by either fireworks or cars screaming with songs that hurt the ears.. And imagine a little girl with a broken doll in that street.. Untidy though she might be, she’s got that innocence in her eyes that God gives to little kids.. Tears well up in her eyes as she looks up in the sky... The whole world seems to be celebrating but the poor thing just wants her parents.. She wonders if they are up there and squeezes her eye shut, prays to Him to give her love to her parents.. When she opens her eyes, she sees two kids jeering at her and making fun of her looks, clothes and how she’s without any family.. But what will happen when suddenly a man comes from behind, hold her hands and gives her the love of a father that she needs? Will there be any limit to her happiness? She would look thankfully above and silently thank her parents and God for giving her something she wanted the most..
Similarly, the soul (Rooh as they call it) years for the love of her Father.. The ruler of all, to meet her again, to give her that love and never to separate her from Him..Imagine her ecstasy when she finally unites with Him.. There is no limit..One cannot imagine the level of bliss.. Still...we indulge in materialistic happiness, unknown to the fact that there is only one happiness that can give us an eternal smile, satisfaction and above all love.. When will it happen that the race of human finally know the real reason for them to be sent to Earth is not to party but pray..To return to his country.. His home..His Father and Lord...When?