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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Give peace a chance

As I walk down the dark path alone..
I hear an uncomfortable moan..
Turning my head around in the lane..
I see a girl dying in pain..
No one is ready to save her..
Though they surround her and mutter..
“Yeah, she’s the one who was raped”..

As I walk down the dark path alone..
I see an old woman hobbling down the road..
He loses his balance and slips there..
And the cool boys laugh and jeer..
They surround him and say in a clear tone..
“Yeah, he’s the handicapped one”..

As I walk down the dark path alone..
I see a young man weeping and sobbing..
I see in his arms lay his murdered wife..
No one is ready to console and help him..
Though they surround him and mutter dim..
“Yeah, he’s the one who lost his wife to some thugs”..

Anywhere I turn, I see pain..
I see only loss, betrayal, hurt and hatred..
Everywhere I see a darkness dreaded..
It’s been years to have the warmth of the sunlight..
The cold has choked us all..
It’s been years to feel the happiness bright..
People are tired of seeing sadness and pall..
The human race has gone inhumane and numb..
They forget the girl was trying to save her brother-killed and done..
They forget the old man was rushing to see his dying son..
They forget the man was also stabbed and beaten..

All they remember is to mock and leer..
They forget the world is forlorn and unclear..
Where are the good old days where only love was around?
Where the civilized men lived in peace on ground..
Where one could trust the other and be free..
Where lives were simpler and carefree..

I ask all to give peace a chance..
To make this warzone a place to live in..
Give peace a chance to serve all and help all..
Give peace a chance..
To come closer to Him..
Give peace a chance..


  1. awesome portrayal of the hard hitting reality of this world...!! :):)
    "all they remember is to mock and leer..
    they forget the world is forlorn and unclear.." super-like these lines :) <3