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Monday, 9 April 2012


Sometimes I wonder how can one be sure of his or her actions..Like..Totally..100% sure..How? Especially where the most uncertain thing is-love? How can one be like..”I loved you...but not now..And I want to move on..”
Huh? Or..”I love you and want to marry you..” I mean..Do you know the future or what? Come again?

Dejected and rejected…

Ask anyone and they have suffered one of these..And then the person who is the victim to this..Who has died and needs to rise..He changes..Completely...a new stranger.. Someone who is alien to all his or her friends..Why??  Aren’t there any chances? Isn’t there trust? Was it so weak that it could not stand the gusts of the society… I know..Trust once broken..There’s a knot that is hard to undo..but..LOVE.. It is beautiful and innocent..It needs time and chance (PSST..Some may say it’s a bullshit..Easy to lecture and all.. Guys..It’s not lecture and a bullshit..This is what love is about..)

Some might criticize my point..
Mate..It is never easy to write like this if you have been through the same.. But there is only one way to rise and fight and not let the goddamn world change the REAL you..We should try not to get reckless..Hurt other’s emotions because YOU were hurt..Get drunk..Find survival in all the wrong things..No!!  The real win is when you survive..Untouched..Your innocence intact.. Your feelings without any terms and conditions unchanged..For the one whom someone truly loves..(Please do not counter this by saying that no one loves you.. If you think so..You don’t know the people around you..There is someone there..Who is waiting just for you..)

Despite this..I don’t blame anyone..'Change is the only constant thing' - aptly said by someone. Adele might sing on ..“We could have had it all....” But things don’t survive because they were never meant to be..Its night for you..There will be a sunrise soon...

I was thinking about this when the following lines just came out in a flow on my journal..

Love..It’s a beautiful feeling
You feel.. It’s a magic around that makes you go spinning
You’re swept off the ground and lifted to the skies
You’ve found your love down from the mines

You shine together
Stand tall with each other
Feel the other one around you
Intoxicated by his or her scent through and through

You see your future together
You plan to have kids soon
You decide to shift another city
It never struck you that you weren’t together in this world gritty

Times fly by
You wish it to stop
But it has never for anyone
It won’t for you

So you stood there arguing
Wondering what went wrong in the caring
Only a mistake you did
Seriousness..You didn’t understand it..

You regret your mistake
You ask for forgiveness
He says he forgave your carelessness
But he couldn’t forget the mess

So now you’re both alone
You find yourself desolated
You both realize you lost your world
To someone who wasn’t there forever

You learn your lesson and try to survive each day
Finding excuses to live in dismay
But you’ll fight through I know
You aren’t weak..You never were

World changed you and you have to fight to not to let it change the real you
Decide to give life another shot and faith in God
Because what happened back then was an experience
To make your future nice and clear

You might not be able to hear His Voice
He’s telling you to keep up with your fight
He’ll give you another reason to smile soon
Till then you’ll be like the moon

So beautiful and serene yet alone
So isolated yet blown
You’ll find it there
Just have faith till then in here


  1. :') :') :') :*
    need I say nythng else ?! :)
    it's beautiful !! :)

  2. i really enjoyed reading your blog. You are very deep and a good writer:) I actually ran by your blog on google searching for that full moon photo you have on here. Been looking for months for it. I love it and want a big framed picture of it in my living room. do you by chance know where you found it? or the artist? im having a hard time, its m.i.a

  3. Hi Tommy!
    Thank you for your compliment :)
    Yep, I found it again :P,r:8,s:200,i:28

    this is the link!
    take care :)