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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Change Is The Only Constant Thing

              Yeah.. Aptly said by someone. It takes us by surprise, shocks us, sometimes electrifies us..:P and either makes us exuberant or suicidal. Can we help it? No. Is it in our hands to change what we want to and what not? Yes and no. Yes, because they say, "where there is a will, there is a way", because our circumstances shake us, make us question our being and whether we are worth being the same in this 21st century era where people are so goddamn fast that it confuses and fazes us out. The bitchy Karmas of ours make us suffer for all the wrongs we do. And if we change ourselves according to the..Umm..Situations..It helps us in boosting our morale, confidence..whatever and definitely makes us stronger to take on the world's tempests. No..Because at the end of the day it is the Supreme Power's Will that will decide what we are going to become, the one..Who is balancing our deeds-punishable or not. And why am I writing this? Because I've gone crazzy..:P No big deal though..:|

                  Things have been quite.. Off the track yet monotonous lately... My main exams got over recently and from the very next day I entered in the league of College Selection with hundreds..No no.. Thousands of people..And the fight is gruesome..Full of drudgery and confusion and irritation.. Getting tortured as though someone's Crucio-ing me..(Harry Potter Unforgivable Curse..Yep..I am hopeless :P and not going to apologize :D ). So..anyways..I AM BORED..You would understand this now :P and..very..Baffling (THANKFULLY..So called Love is not the reason for it..I am way outta it :D ), pressure to succeed, finding my own self..bla bla..

My last post? It was..Okay..I cracked my nuts.. Honestly..I mean if I write a serious post, people have to think that it has got something or EVERYTHING to do with my life..FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! Agreed..There were certain excerpts from my life's book..But guys..Not all..I stretched the 'facts' a lot.. :P I added loads of salt and pepper and sauce to it(I love cooking :P ). I mean there was nothing whatsoever romantic..Duh..
Hang on..Am I justifying? :| Okay..I won't say anything now..It was just a load of trash, fiction to the brim, some things from my life and some from my friend's..Okay? Please guys.. I have a life..:\ and I'm dealing with enough controversies as it is..I can't handle this one.. :P  If I write something emotional, it doesn't always have to conclude that my heart's been broken again.. -rolling eyes- Cuz I gave it to my 51 desirable men..:P(I have a list :D (shows how useless I am) ) And here I was thinking that just maybe my blog got famous(seeing the stats) :|

So..I was just thinking about something while returning from a place(where I had gone to fill my form. The date had passed, but talk about the 'flexible' Indian Education System.. If someone's obligated to you..Or you handover a few bucks..which always works..You get what you want.. And I got the form..:| ).
No..That's not my college.. :P was thinking about Psychology. I have been bugged by the Psychology insect..Cuz I am a crackpot? Maybe..But.. This is one subject I honestly love. It is a very interesting and intriguing subject, a branch of science which has no definition(this is a dialogue I stole from a movie :P ) and truly said so,,Why? Because each mind, each thought process, each conscious and unconscious thought, each action is different from the others'. Psychology, according to Wikipedia, is the study of soul. In simpler words, it is an effort to understand the complex human brain and the ramification around the most intelligent form of species.
What got me into this? That too when I am a commerce student gearing to be a corporate lawyer and sue all the rascals..(I was thinking of using a stronger word..But..:P ).
But trust me..Had I not been a commerce student already decided for law, I'd have gone for Psychology. Why? The answer is my mom. She's studied Psychology and told me once, "Look, if you really want to understand the human behavior, go for Psycho. You'll know a person just by the way he sits, stands, walks, etc." My mum has always amazed me by the way she tells a few things about just any random person. It feels so engaging and yet, disturbing at times..
I've read a lot about it, scavenged several books, surfed through the net, watched movies and documentaries.

My first novel on this subject was Sidney Sheldon's Tell Me your Dreams.
A. I love Sidney Sheldon.
B. I  am a bookworm.
 I didn't know on what topic this was based when I bought this. But it was whirring. It is about a girl, who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Initially she doesn't know this. Her first alter was vindictive and had developed to fight her father who sexually assaulted her and the second alter was a timid one, to tolerate her mother who abhorred her. In the process of living a 'social' life, she(rather her first alter) commits murders of men who were too close her- the proximity that reminded her of her father. She castrated them, dumped them(oh well :P ) and you know, when her original self wakes up.. She's disoriented and all. Doesn't know what the hell happened. How she is found, tried in a court, lives for years in a mental hospital and slowly improves. It was amazing.

Then there were two Bollywood movies. I mean okay..Bollywood yeah..and our directors have still got a long way to go to make such movies because the climax was very..'filmy.'  But still, the plot was good.

Many other books were read by me, one of the favorites were Jilliane Hoffman's Plea of Insanity- The perfect fusion of crime, psychology and law where I got to know about one of most basic yet atrocious diseases- Schizophrenia or what we call in simple language- Madness, but the appalling kind.

A daily soap where a man is in 'love' with his wife, so much so that he beats her, rapes her, keeps her a prisoner in a palatial bungalow and kills her in every moment of her life.

Then.. there are so many Hollywood movies that just awaken your dumb senses. The absorbing story-line, scandalizing climax, masterful strokes of direction, natural role playing.. It leaves you kinda breathless.. Whenever you decide to sleep, you envisage yourself as the character having a story of your own.
My all time fave is Shutter Island, starring Leonardo DiCaprio (one of the 51 men :P ).

So..Apart from this..Nothing much.(the same reply to the most irritating text-wassup).
You know what..I am impossible. I am an accident prone klutz who probably cannot even walk straight without getting disbalanced or something. But guys..I swear I am better that Bella Swan who probably cannot even fight her way outta poly bag..:P But I am no less. :|
So..I was walking to catch a public vehicle two days back. And I don't know what the hell happened, but suddenly I tripped on all fours. It hurts you know(despite the fact that I am a little used to it)..I'm limping in my house. And trust me, my kneecap's still swollen and bruised.  And the worst part? I fell on probably one of the most busiest squares in my city, that too when the traffic signal was red. :\ Goddd...Talk about embarrassing moments.

And there's this thing.. my friend? Mr. Ady Mady.. He left the city and very kindly asked to stay out of touch..:| And I miss this stupid guy who kept me sanely insane and insanely sane. He was my teacher( he knows the joke :P ), Joker ( :P ), my fitness trainer ( :P ), hopeless and yet my best mate to whom I could babble almost anything.. :\ And I am again left shut.. Deserted the ship..Rat..-sigh- I'll kill you when we meet Ady(its his only wish).

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