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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cerebration of Deprivation

Lying here alone yet not
Your memories embracing me in en inexplicable warmth and cold
I sigh cuddling to myself
Engulfed by reverences known and unknown

I remember the day you walked away
My eyes brimming with tears as you decided to move on
My fingers stretch out to hold you one more time
But it was pointless as you were already gone

I smile when I remember the silly names you gave me
Each name even more special than the last
Names that  imparted the fruition that I was yours
Till the day you pushed me away to swarthiness and bores

Words seem meaningless now
My life seems to have stopped somehow
Not that I am not grateful that at least you are happier now
Yet wishing things were a little more different

I never cared for the world and still don't
But apparently it affected you
Your ultimate choice was your life
How could I ask for more?

My reflections on the mirror show a daunted girl
Encircled by darkness and filled with void
Hugging myself and closing my eyes
I try to block out all the pain as it pours outside and within


  1. the poem reflects PAIN in every corner of ittttttttt.....
    but i must admit dat pain teaches us much dan happiness....
    simply awesumm