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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Humble, Rumble And Jumble..

"Huh? What's this?" This must be the track of thinking of people because of the title..Yeah..That's what I am thinking :P
Long time no? I chose to hibernate and will continue on that one..Somehow hibernation is boring on one side..But at the same time can be peaceful of course..

So..-drum rolls- M taking a drop this year. Its not something m really happy about..But its okay..I chose this because a) I wasn't getting a good college, and I just wanna go for again.. :) b)Mum needed me..c) Dad honestly can't shop without me :P d) I was getting a little too positive about life..So I needed a good doze to have the reality check again!

So its a starry night..There's a power-cut..So all the starts seem to twinkle and wink in a manner..I don't feel lonely..Its like we're on the same train of thoughts..Giggling, sighing, nodding, nudging..Only from a huge distance..I've been spending quite some time on my terrace these days in the night(and no, I'm not eying anybody's house or anyone from my terrace), Its just that the peace from just sitting and listening songs on my iPod brings me huge comfort. Life is quiet.

Its been a long time to do some blogging..I dunno..I just needed a big break maybe..And moreover life has taken a U-turn as of now, so analyzing is more important than blogging..Right? Even though it helps.. Wow..M thinking what to say next :P Hardly ever happens..:P

My birthday came and went quietly, phone buzzing from a few minutes before twelve to late night the next day, birthday wishes pouring in my message box, gifts from mum, dad, my sisters and lil niece..  It was quiet all in day was quite an adventure as I met an accident(yes ladies and gentlemen..again :P ) Don't worry though..M in one piece with a good bang and cut on my head and a few scratches here and there..:P

M in need for some real adventure(if you know what I mean :P )
Can't think of much to right as of now..So signing off with a song that I seemed to be in love with these days..

Nickelback- I'd come for you

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