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Thursday, 31 January 2013


              Long time no :P According to my blog history its been more than four months. Let's just say that I have been busy and bored. Yes..things have been not so great but not so bad either, what with my studies(not that I do much of it :P ), time with family and sleeping and eating and traveling! Sheesh! :P Must say family has been monopolizing my time and I don't complain it.. After all, it feels good to be in demand of people who love you and you know that. Isn't it?

             Honestly, life is so quiet and and boring that I have nothing 'smashing' to say. I am trying for photography though and am getting back with my guitar. It has been ages since I played something. Meanwhile, I have been widening my horizons of books and thankfully I have not regretted any till now.
Also, I have been busy expanding my music library, the latest additions being Mayday Parade and The Fray.

One thing I learnt during this hibernation period of mine- Never expect, guard your darkest secrets, have faith in Him, be positive and you can cross any obstacle :) Though Maths remain another mystery to me. Don't ask me why, it just is! :| :P

These are few clicks of mine-

Definitely not THE best, but the first ones..

At the end, I'll say one thing. Getting to know others can take a lifetime, getting to know oneself even longer, but getting to know Him, it just needs a step to awaken your conscience and you stand Closer to Him and the people around you too. Why? You realize what  life is, how people think, live and react. You understand Life and respect it..


  1. This came right on time Molly :) Thank you very much for this great blog.

    -Joe DeVita

  2. Perhaps you should check my other posts Too Joe..You'd like them maybe! :)