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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Funny Thing This Heart Is..

              We've got a funny organ in our body-heart. Ask anybody to define it and they might either be very compassionate and go all lovey-dovey about the poor thing or may be they might be skeptical towards it, calling it an enemy(some might even end up saying that they don't have a heart at all!) Yet it beats continuously, it cries, it cracks, it breaks and it heals again., though nothing like before-nothing like new. it's worse enemy? Mind. Both travel together but in parallel paths that never meet.

             The heart yearns for someone to understand its complexity, its different levels, its confusions and yet embrace the whole package wholeheartedly. To understand the fact that if it gets the kind of love it wants, it'll be happy(to say the least) and give even more love in reciprocation. But the mind disagrees strongly-it objects, argues and is determined to win. It is filled with the five evils of which, even though we might be aware, fail to acknowledge it-Lust, Anger, Greed, Pride and Attachment. It mistrusts everybody or decides to trust the people who are NOT worth it. It only points out the negativeness of everyone, never to see their positive points, their uprightness or their honesty, never to give them a chance, never to love.

              Even if it does feel for someone, and even if it is not love but something like friendship, care, affection- it raises it doubts continually, thus making the heart harden from outside but very, very scared on the inside. Suppose if the heart decided to take the risk and move ahead and the worse, inevitable happens, the heart wants to cry for losing someone it finally liked but the mind...The mind stops it, not even allowing it to shed its tears-it gloats, smirks and but forbids the heart to confide in someone. It bathes itself in clouds of smoke, bottles of whiskey, haziness and illusions of substances and lust- not allowing it to FEEL again, thinking that the HEART is weak and it cannot handle the deceit. So wrong.. The heart does handle it..and fairly well if I must say so myself, that is why it 'beats' and not 'just beats'. People do not want to acknowledge it, they ignore it, snuff it down, syncing themselves to the tunes of mind's thoughts, forgetting that their heart just wants one thing-LOVE.

            And the funniest part? The heart deals with hate too. But for what? It doesn't know the feeling of hatred..So it decided to close all the doors to emotions, trust, genuineness, unadulterated laughter and care and decided to be numb. The mind starts the hatred easily when all the emotions are locked down. It decided to hate everything and everyone it sees, blaming them for not being able to feel, forgetting that it is the mind they have listened to to stop feeling, forgetting that the heart has obliged because THEY lost the fight to all. Even the knockings it hears are ignored. Then it cries out secretly for help of loneliness, drowning in the darkness.

             We have no clue how bloody strong(literally and figuratively) our heart is! It is stronger than we can imagine..give it a chance to learn and love and again.. People don't know everything from their births. They learn it whole the of their lives. Accepting it happily and peacefully makes things easier..Otherwise..the lessons would keep coming..But with a stick!

              Faith in yourself and your heart works wonders. :)
              Yep..Funny things this heart is... <3

Ending the post with this song which goes almost on the same lines..

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