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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Another World

Loud music could be heard as she neared the entrance of the place- The Dark Mystics. Colored light blinded her as she stepped inside-a new world to her entirely. This was probably the reason why she avoided places like these-people were carefree, FREE, did not care what happened around, were not bothered by others’ lives and their issues.. They lived like they had their own world but she stood rooted to the ground probably for the very same reason. Music blared from the speakers, people dancing on the dance floor-eyes closed, hair wild, but not giving a damn about it; some getting drunk, some talking(rather shouting to get heard) but all in all, lost in this world and having fun(or so it looked). For her, this place, today, was about to become here escape from the ‘caring’ people. She was about to feel what it felt like to have nobody to care what she did, how she dressed, and so on and so forth. 

             And yet she was scared. Living alone in a foreign country for a whole year after some unforgettable things that happened with her back in her homeland had done this to her. Nevertheless, she pasted a smile on her face to hide her nervousness and started searching for her friends. She found them waving out to her-all beaming and ecstatic. She walked up to them, stamping her anxiousness and nausea so that nobody could suspect anything and smiled her signature smile that always charmed one and all, this time though-more genuinely than ever because if anyone stood up with her since the time she was here, it was them. And they had finally convinced her to try this place. “Heyy! You made it!!” Alex grinning from ear to ear and hugged her to which she teased but deep down meant,” Couldn’t miss this for the world!”They were eight friends in her group-Alex (short for Alexander), Kiara (her best friend), Messina (poor thing, she is named after a port in Italy), Marcus (acts like a royalty, but a total softy at heart), Suzanna (their group’s heroine and her frenemy), Scott (the group’s treasurer (apparently) and confidant) and Ian(her guy best friend and the guy she secretly crushes on(and who crushes back on her, though not a single soul knows about their feelings, probably because they themselves fight this attraction)) and finally, Sydney (our protagonist here and about her? We’ll know when she is comfortable enough). 

              She sat as they called up for drinks and snacks. She politely declined and opted for the snacks and some non-alcoholic beverages but as they slowly got into the mood to party (and she started relaxing around her friends too), she finally had her first ever shot. The shot went down her throat (she realized it tasted.. tasteless, more like an electric shot) and followed it up with some salt and lemon. The tangy flavor on her tongue was something new to her and though she did not exactly like it, she didn’t hate it either.  Soon after a couple of shots more, they hit the dance floor. They danced like crazy-the cabana dance, African dance, Indian dance, laughing, teasing, and pushing each other till all of them were exhausted and were out of their breaths. They crawled back to their corner and slumped on the couches. She, Kiara, Alex and Ian were the sober ones, so they called up for some lemonade and snacks to fill up their empty stomachs. They talked quietly now, murmuring and holding the hand of another, relaxing.
 She looked at Ian as he looked at her. The look in his eyes was perhaps a trick of the light, because it had some kind of affection in them. The kind of affection she covertly wanted. She smiled but looked away, afraid to let her heart hope. 


               Sydney knew that she had had the time of our life, knew that these were trustworthy people around her, yet she also knew that this world would always be new to her. Something that was alien to her, something so different that she was still afraid of it. This was so different to the world she was brought up in (and she was proud of it). She may visit it once in a while and enjoy with her friends, but her essence would never be lost. She would never lose the ground she walked on.    


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