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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Dearest Lord

You are there my Lord
Standing and waiting for me
Shame on myself for my ignorance
For I choose to ignore thee
You’ve always been there my Lord
Supporting me, loving me
Only I fail to see that
Because Your love for me is beyond comprehension
Your Love has been there
Yet I continue to find You elsewhere
Forgetting You are in me
Forgetting that I am You and You are me

I have nothing to give You Father
I am a beggar
I can only ask You of You and never return
Because I am only despicable, nothing else

Yet You love me
You loved me when nobody else did
You gave me the strength to fight
You gave me faith like nobody else did

So Lord, I ask You of You
I ask You of Your love
And accompany me in the journey of life I’m in for
And accompany me till I merge into You

I can try but my efforts are nothing without You
I can swim the oceans only when You want me to
I know of the Great Void just outside the Gates of Your House
I am scared that I’d be there without You

I am scared of the darkness Father
The dark I feel when I close my eyes
The dark I imagine in the Void
The dark that is even darker without You

Empty of words I am
The tears continue to run down my cheeks
My soul yearns for You continually
I am sure You can listen it too

Holding my hand and not letting me go
I know You are doing that, try as hard as I may not want to (sometimes)
I don’t care how long the journey is, how tedious things get

As long as You are with me and we become one in the end

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