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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Divinity and Us

We are made up of two things-mind and heart (apart from mind and matter). What is a soul then? Soul is the essence of our being, the very core of ours. Our heart and soul are similar in a way because as we know, heart seeks only one thing-love. But what about our soul? Soul wants the same thing too-love, but from whom? Only and only the soul has the power to differentiate this. She seeks the Love of her Lord, her Master, Savior, Friend, Father, Brother, Husband, Lover and Partner in the truest manner. The soul has the power to differentiate and knows that what the heart seeks is wrong as it is under the influence of mind-the ruler of the ’Five Rogues and their Tricks’. The heart feels what the mind wants her to feel; sees what the mind wants her to see; listens what the mind wants her to listen; and does what the mind wants her to do. Who exactly bears the consequences? The soul-who gets weak, rusted, old and weary without her Greater Self, without her Lord.
                                 Soul is like a different entity altogether. Here is an example. Suppose there is a Joint Stock Company XYZ. Even though this company XYZ has shareholders, Board of Directors, a CEO and several employees, yet it is considered to be a ‘separate legal entity’ and a ‘person’, meaning that if ANY wrong occurs on behalf of employees, Directors, CEO or even the shareholders, if anyone is to be sued, it is the company. The cases will be files in the name of the company (as though it is a living person) and not the defaulters. The ultimate damage is paid by the company. This is exactly what happens to the soul-it gets punished for no fault of its own; it gets punished because of the actions done in the influence of the heart that is superficial and mind that is cunning and materialistic.
                               We always feel a sense of loneliness, an impending doom. We try to shake it off, uncomfortable by the intensity of it, but to no avail. Tears come to the eyes for some purpose but the heart thinks of some excuse of the emptiness, turning us deaf and blind to every such feeling of being sad and alone. We thus end up divulging ourselves in clouds of smoke and fountains of drinks, just to forget the pain. Have we EVER tried to remedy out pain? NO! And if we have tried, haven’t we given up too soon? YES! We want solutions to every problem of our lives. Have we ever thought about the biggest problem that we choose to ignore to the extent that there comes a time when we do not even see/hear it (and people call it a solution)? It’s a complete cowardice for me, not bravado. People ask, “Why do I feel so lonely and weird when I have everything I’ve ever wanted?” They just cannot understand that the pain and loneliness they are feeling is of the soul’s separation from her Lord, a separation of God knows how many eons, how many lifetimes away from her Lord and her STRENGTH! It is pure love! And we can’t comprehend even 0.1% of it. Ironically, people say that they know what love is, what relationships are all about, how to love one another and what their importance is when we ourselves cannot even know what love is and what separation truly feels like. The pains and burns inflicted on the soul… It can only be remedied by the Love of her existence by the Word.
                     We think we know everything and control everything. NOTHING is in our control except the choice we make. What we get is the result of what we chose.
                                          “Whatever you sow,
                                                So shall ye reap.”

 This simple thing nobody can understand except for the most fortunate people who have the hands of their True Master above their heads blessing them, and they know it, see it and feel it in every small or big moments of their lives, whether it be sad or happy, and thank it every second of their lives. They stay happy in the pain, shame and the hurt they get because they know that no matter what happens, their Master will never desert them EVER, that what they are getting is a result of what they chose and the result itself is chosen by God, which makes it DIVINE! Imagine a tiny bulb of light in our hands, bluish-white in color. It looks beautiful as it softly wriggles and moves in our palms. You can either extinguish it and finish it off or brighten it. The CHOICE is yours. The soul has been away from her better half for ages. We as human beings cannot live a day without our loved ones around us, loving and protecting us. Can we even imagine the pain our soul feels without Him?
                               And agreed... we will feel His Love when He wants us to feel it. But can’t we just keep on trying to knock at His Doors? We can’t just give up!! We have to fight for what we want ultimately-a love that is selfish and is going to last only till the means last or the Love that has been keeping us alive till now, which has been in us all this time and will always be there, even after we die? When we do not give up, continue with an unwavering faith in Him, He would smile kindly at us, hold our small hands in his big yet gentle ones and shoo our fears away. Then there would be only Him and His Light (which is the same). He would throw himself in front of us if any harm would come in our direction and we won’t even know it. Such is His Love. So strong and powerful is His Love that we cannot gauge it. Can we imagine what happens when the soul unites with Him? The exuberance our soul feels then? When the heart sings His praises all the time and the mind fails to comprehend and express what the bliss is like? When we become HIM and we merge in Him completely? No... All I can say is that it would be completeness in the strongest yet a subtle way. There would be no ‘I’ and ‘you’ but ‘us’ finally.

                               Yes, the road is tough to say the least. But that’s the least we could do for Him because when we prove that we really love Him (and we love Him for His Love and eternal happiness with Him and not for money, fame, family, etc.), that would be the first step because the rest He will do. He will take hundred steps to hug you tight and to hold you close for the one step that we take for Him. Why? It is because He needs us more than we need Him and because He is aware of the separation though we are not. He FEELS the pain we choose to IGNORE. He loves us in the ways that is beyond the level of our ‘intelligence’ and He cries the way our soul does and we shut it out. How ignorant and foolish of us! Right there-in our hearts and at Tenth door, at the eye centre, waiting for His son, daughter, friend who may just call Him for just… Him… Nothing else. Just the thought of that kind of love behooves me, shakes me and yet makes me want to reach out to Him. So easy yet difficult it is to be what we truly in essence are!   

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